About Us


I fatema saif and my sister Munira, we both born and brought up in the middle east (Bahrain), we both love kids and always thought of starting something where kids are involved, having this desire I started working for a preschool and daycare which of course I thoroughly enjoyed, Kids make us feel even more happier and we enjoy playing with them, their innocent smile which takes away all the adverse situations life might have introduced you to,  and my sister Munira is a well trained and certified Mind Power Trainer/ Counsellor, wanting to start our business, we received this opportunity of taking over Blooming Buds Daycare & Preschool.

Our Vision:

No Traditional or Conventional way of teaching, we understand every child is different and cannot be treated the same way, Few children are silent and peace lovers, few enjoy playing around moving from one place to another, few will learn very fast and few a little slower, no child is better/worse than the other, all children are best in their own way, it just takes the right understanding to identify their qualities and enhance it in a way that the child feels happy safe and understood.

Conscious Ways of Teaching – Understanding the child and his unique individuality along with his learning style and learning methods and letting him/her go through a wonderful process of transitioning from play group to Sr.Kg, most importantly making the child aware of loving and accepting themselves as powerful beings and creators of their life.

Importance of Understanding your child – THUMB RULE – NO COMPARISON – Every child is unique and different and are the best in their own way, no two people are same, thus respecting each and every child’s uniqueness, respecting YOUR child.
If your child is trying to convey something, LISTEN to your child.
Stop using negative statements eg:

  • You are not doing that well
  • Will this be possible for you
  • You don’t seem to be able to concentrate
  • Why are you so slow
  • You are not good enough
  • Why cant you understand, etc etc and many more very harmful and negative statements, please refrain from the same.
  • Stop asking them to perform in front of other people until they themselves

Wish to do it

  • Always always acknowledge their achievements without comparing their performance with others no matter how small. Please acknowledge
  • Be proud of them in every situation
  • Communicate in a loving and peaceful manner
  • Say sorry to your child if you feel you made a mistake, this habit will be very helpful for them to be compassionate human beings
  • Eat Together – At least one meal
  • Say I LOVE YOU to your child and people you love at least once a day
  • HUG min thrice a day, its needed to survive.

To know us more, see our preschool & Day care and have a wonderful discussion please call us and drop in for a hot cup of coffee or tea!!!!!!!!