About Us


I fatema saif and my sister Munira, we both born and brought up in the middle east (Bahrain), we both love kids and always thought of starting something where kids are involved, having this desire I started working for a preschool and daycare which of course I thoroughly enjoyed, Kids make us feel even more happier and we enjoy playing with them, their innocent smile which takes away all the adverse situations life might have introduced you to,  and my sister Munira is a well trained and certified Mind Power Trainer/ Counsellor, wanting to start our business, we received this opportunity of taking over Blooming Buds Daycare & Preschool.

Our Vision:

Vision of Blooming buds preschool & Daycare for year 2019-2020…
We shall focus on each child individually and every child will have their intelligence report analysed which will help us understand the child’s inborn talents and God gifts, which is included in the fees.
We shall create an itinerary which will have the arrival at school and how the day shall go,

  • 9.30 am arrival at school
  • 9.30 to 9.45 yoga meditation this helps child to stay calm and focused
  • 9.45 to 10.00 prayers, Jan gan man and poetry reciting
  • 10.00 to 10.30 study time
  • 10.30 to 11.00 lunch break (home made food along with a juice or milk or milk shake)
  • 11.00 to 12.00 study time
  • 12.00 to 12.30 play time

3 days in a week we shall have this schedule and 2days we will have creative art added and sports like foot ball basket ball etc, martial arts and dance…
Once a week we will have a color celebration along with similar dress code and activity, there will be no routine, every week the following weeks schedule shall be given so that kids don’t feel bored.
Few values will be taught eg sitting down and eating
Eating slow, no talking while eating watching only cartoons on TV, less of TV time and no mobile usage… Once a month or once every two months parents meeting will be held and both parents are mandatory for the betterment of child and affection which is most required at this age…

Any questions please feel free to call me on 9373525100

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