Welcome to Blooming Buds

A school, we believe should be a place where the child loves to be at and not where he/she dreads to go…. We offer an environment to develop the child into a healthy, intelligent and emotionally stable human being, who will be an asset to the family, the society and the nation.

Education and Care

At BLOOMING BUDS, we pride ourselves on our personalised approach to care and education. We follow a multiple intelligence approach to education because we’ve seen that different children learn differently. Our system allows the child to explore the learning pathway that works best for him or her, while being exposed to a variety of subjects, like Math, Language, Activities and Play at will.

High Quality Fun

Our learning centre are spacious, colourful and filled with age appropriate books, toys and learning aids that children of this age group will enjoy. Our classroom walls have beautiful stickers to help children learn having fun, we make sure children play with safe, high quality equipment to ensure both fun and safety!


We follow stringent hygiene standards at Blooming Buds. Our center is cleaned twice a day to maintain high levels of cleanliness. In order to keep infections at bay, children are checked for fever every day upon entry into the center. Toys and other tools are cleaned every week.


  • that every child is curious and willing to learn.
  • that not all children learn at the same pace and learning can happen at any time.
  • in learning by doing and practical examples.
  • in fostering a secure environment for intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of a child.
  • in involving our children, parents, teachers and communities in the proper development of the child.